02 Nov

Today is my son's birthday. I know it is supposed to be a special day for him, but it's a special day for me, too. It is the anniversary of the day I met him. I share in the wonder of that day. I feel that it should be called an anniversary because I will always be grateful that I gave birth to him and I will always honor his presence in my life. I will always be grateful that he is my son and although I worked very hard to raise him, it has been worth it. I paid a lot of attention to how I raised him through his formative years, and now he is a man and a father. Now I can look back on all the times raising him seemed so difficult and know that I must have done something right.

He is a hard-working man who is totally committed to his family. He is an amazing father who adores his daughter and exhibits so much love and patience every time he teaches her something new.

I am grateful that no matter how hard life got, I didn't quit on him. I am also grateful that he has turned out to be the loving, kind, talented man I always thought he would be. So today I am proclaiming this day as the Anniversary of the day I met my son. Today I am celebrating Motherhood and all of its resplendent joys.

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