We are all certainly feeling the impact of this horrific virus, but don't be disheartened because there is hope. The hiring process is different due to social distancing, but companies are still hiring. You can expect to have a video interview rather than a face-to-face interview. My suggestion is that if you have never used the video format to meet with others, you need to practice! Set up a Zoom meeting or FaceTime call so that you can become more comfortable within that format. It will feel very stilted at first, but after a few tries, you will relax.

Although companies are hiring, most of them cannot give you an actual start date for being in the office due to the health bans. Some organizations will hire you to work remotely until the bans are lifted and we can reconnect with society. Others will not. If you are feeling you just lost a job that will never come back, don't give up. Think about skills you have in another area and take some time to develop them so that you qualify for another industry. Also, if you are truly feeling that you have to work NOW, remember that there are so many essential worker positions out there needing to be filled. You don't have to have medical training to help in many of the areas where help is desperately needed.

Another thing you can do while you are waiting to find a new job is to get organized. Engaging in an active job search includes many steps:

Revamp, refresh, and reformat your old resume. When was the last time you looked at it? Are you aware that many of the things that used to be on older versions of a resume no longer apply. Including outdated information says a lot about you. Invest in your future by getting professional help. Having a new resume made, a new cover letter and get some help with interviewing. Things are different now. Get some help so you can stand out to a new Hiring Manager!

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