In 2020 I was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils and began using them for my personal use. I found that they had so many beneficial effects on my life that I decided to sell them in 2021. Everyday I find more and more uses for the oils from one of the best and most beautiful thieves hand sanitizers to the amazing use of peppermint oil to chase away pests from eating the plants in my garden to curing nail fungus. I learned about a powerful combination of oils (lavender, stress away and frankincense) that when combined and inhaled release stress and reset your emotions so that you are no longer blocked. Digize is an oil that when rubbed on your stomach, takes away indigestion. Imagine never having to take antacid pills again! The products are amazing and include disinfectants, cbd products that contain no THC, and the purest makeup and personal care products.

While at a writer’s retreat, I was introduced to Kidscents Geneyus. As it was diffusing, I felt that my creativity and ability to write was tremendously enhanced. The words just flowed so smoothly. It was incredible!

The oils are powerful and completely natural. As I researched the company, I was very impressed not only with the purity of the products, but with the mission of the company. They really are focused on helping to motivate the people they interact with. They stand for integrity at every level of the business and work diligently to create and produce oils and blends that will help everyone.

I am a writer, and when I write I look for a peaceful atmosphere in which to write so that my stories are both clear and creative. I am amazed at the difference in my writing when I diffuse the Young Living oils. The Boomer Chick’s Guide to Online Dating is an example of the creativity I had while diffusing the oils. I was given the opportunity to create a book that has many teachings, funny stories and ah-ha moments along with essential support resources to help anyone who wants to venture into the world of online dating.

I have put together some bundles such as Boomer Chick Dating and a bundle for writers, called Amazing Authors and for those looking to develop their careers, Job Search Success.

I hope you will enjoy the book and I hope you will browse the Young Living site to see what oils will fit into your life. Young Living has changed its policies so that now both the sales representatives and the customers have the option of receiving a discount. If you want to purchase products, please read the options and decide whether you want to purchase products that will earn you a 24% discount. There is no pressure, and I am available to answer any questions you may have. I hope you will try these quality products, as I have. Please let me know of any positive affects you have experienced from using these products. Enjoy!

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