24 Sep

Every time I am asked to write a speech or a chapter in a book, I think about my message. It becomes clear that I have several messages that I stand for and share often, yet I worry that those who listen to me might get bored. When I start doubting myself, I remember the expression: your mess is your message.

The things I share are things I had to deal with and overcome so that I could become a better citizen of the world. They are the things I need to practice every day so that I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk.

You have often heard me say: Celebrate your uniqueness. Whatever you do, you do it in a way that is unique to you. Your actions are based on your cultural upbringing, your education, both formal and informal, your intellect, and your personality.

You use your intellect and natural talents to approach every aspect of your life and work. No one could ever do things the way you do. You are truly unique, yet, when I ask you to celebrate your uniqueness, it isn’t just about being able to do things in a completely different way than others; it’s about being proud of who you are because you are unique.

Don’t fall into the trap of looking around to see if others have more than you. Are they wealthier, happier, more confident, or more intelligent? Avoid being jealous of anyone. It doesn’t matter what they have. Stop living your life warped by jealousy. We are not all supposed to be the same.

What does matter is how grateful you are for the perfectly unique person that you are. Love and respect yourself. Be confident that you, and you alone are the only person in the world with the intellect, talents, skills, and values you possess.

No one is better than you. As a matter of fact, the more we can all stop looking at the surface of other people like their gender, skin color, body type, or demeanor, and start looking deep within for their talents, skills, open-mindedness, kindness, and generosity, the more we will live in harmony, free from stereotypes and discrimination.

Zig Ziglar once said:” Motivation is like bathing, you can’t just do it once.”

And so, once again, I am encouraging you to take time each day to celebrate yourself. Know that loving whom you are and developing your talents is not only a gift to you and your life but also a gift to the world. 

Like snowflakes, no two humans are alike. We are all unique and all those traits that make you who you are, are so vital to the world. Each of us is “packaged” differently, but when you take time to look inside, our hearts are very much the same.

If you are at a stage in life where you feel things aren’t going well for you, change your thinking. Your thoughts become your reality. They are the beliefs that inspire your actions. Your actions, in turn, impact your results. Starting out with negative thoughts can only lead to negative results.

If you truly want better outcomes for your life, change the way you think. Positive thoughts bring about positive results…. YOU GOT THIS!

As always, I’m rooting for you!

Angela I. Schutz

Driven to Succeed Consulting LLC

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