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I have been writing for years! I have written two books as a sole author and eighteen books as a co-author. It is the thing I really love to do.

Since I have been a Career Coach for many years, I have come across many professional and highly intelligent people that simply hate to write! They consider it a dreaded task and would do almost anything else rather than write. Some have expressed the desire to write a book because they have a creative idea that they would love to see in print, but they put it off for years because they either have doubts about their writing skills or they simply can’t get themselves to sit down and focus on writing.

As a coach and an empathic person, I often say: “Be who you are.” Perhaps you are hard-wired to be a business person, an athlete, or an organizer. You have no desire to be a writer. There is certainly no shame in being true to yourself. In fact, that’s the way you should always live your life. Do what you do best. Whenever you have a task to do that isn’t in your wheelhouse, simply look for someone who loves to do that type of work and pay them to do it.

I am not just a person who loves to write, I am a certified copywriter. I have put in the work to learn how to help others with their writing projects. Whether you need a resume, bio sketch, letter to go out to your customers or a book, I am here to meet your needs.

I look forward to working with you to discuss your project and bring it to fruition. Written to Succeed Copywriting Services offers many services to help you and your business


Thank you!

Angela Schutz